Benedek Regős: White Balance

Benedek Regős’s works reflect on the important aspects of reproduction photography. He sets out from the fact that our knowledge on the history of art is based only partly on personal experiences. Today it’s easier to travel anywhere and thanks to the medium of photography, we can discover masterpieces of different ages more easily. So that, the role of photography became an important part of the development of our knowledge on the history of art. The exhibition is part of the officiall programme of the Budapest Art Week and Budapest Photo Festival.

Benedek Regős graduated from MOME University of Arts in 2017 with a Masters’ Degree of Photography. In 2016, he was an exchange student at the Photo Studio of Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague (UMPRUM). Lately, he has participated in several Hungarian and international exhibitions and in 2016 he was given the scholarship of the Association of Hungarian Photographers. In his works he explores the nature of photography in the light of his own culture, memory and the human-built, manmade heritage.