Balogh / Bilak / Geibl

Group exhibition of the Studio of Young Photographers, Hungary
Exhibiting artists: BALOGH Viktória , BILAK Krystyna and GEIBL Kata

02. 15. 2019 – 03. 04. 2019.
Private View: 02. 14. 2019., 7:30pm

Curator: Bálint Ferenczy (Initio Fine Arts, Budapest | London)

K. A. S. Galéria
Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.

Organized by:
K. A. S. Gallery
Initio Fine Arts
The Studio of Young Photographers


Three young photographers, Viktória Balogh, Krystyna Bilak and Kata Geibl, provided their works for a joint exhibition at the K. A. S. Gallery, organized by Initio Fine Arts. In Women’s Studies, they all explore a different aspect of human nature’s relationship to science, reality, perception, and truth. Geibl investigates the connection between photography and science, while Bilak reflects on the importance of eyesight and what happens when we cannot rely on this most primary sense. Balogh aims to capture the visual signs of education and knowledge; photos of smudged blackboards and an installation built from books.

The exhibition was made possible through the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the Association of Hungarian Photographers.