Biró / Hodosy / Riga

Group exhibition of the Studio of Young Photographers, Hungary
Exhibiting artists: BIRÓ Dávid, HODOSY Enikő, RIGA Eszter

04. 13. 2019 – 05. 04. 2019.
Private View: 04. 12. 2019., 8pm

Vivienne Gamble (Seen Fifteen, London)
Bálint Ferenczy (Initio Fine Arts, Budapest | London)

K. A. S. Galéria
Budapest, Bartók Béla út 9.

Organized by:
K. A. S. Gallery
Initio Fine Arts
The Studio of Young Photographers


Damage Control brings together the work of three members of the Studio of Young Photographers whose work examines tensions within the construction of human social identities.  In today’s world of ‘perfect’ lives made public on social media sites, these artists explore an opposite dynamic – the flaws, inconsistencies and private difficulties that are inherent within the complex web of human relationships and interactions.

Dávid Biró’s ERR (2017) series focuses on human behavior as determined by common courtesies. These conventional rules help us to interact in social circumstances, however, in a human-made system malfunctions can easily occur.  Biró recreates and catalogues these intermittences highlighting accidental, momentary and often oddly bizarre situations.

Enikő Hodosy’s Invisible-you (2016) series examines emotional friction. After a fight or argument, our soul and inner self might get damaged the same way as our body could. Hodosy’s interest lies in how to portray emotional injuries and visualize an internal elusive state. The result is an atmospheric set containing photos of bruises, supplemented by pictures from her photo diary. Hodosy extends the series both in time and space by adding cultural and art historical references going beyond the personal level to formulate a universal message.

Eszter Riga’s diploma work, Persona (2015) was created in her final college year; in a period which was a highly stressful time for Riga who faced anxiety problems and low self-esteem. The pictures are metaphorical visualizations of her emotions showing her fight for gaining recognition and the struggle to find her own artistic voice. Riga’s other exhibited work, Recall (2015), deals with emotions, embedded into the human touch. These interactions (whether positive or negative) are coded in our memory for a lifetime.  Riga recalls these inner pictures by using light-sensitive materials applied to the surface of the photographic paper to create an abstract interface.

The exhibition is curated by Vivienne Gamble, founder and director of Seen Fifteen and co-founder and creative director of the Peckham 24 Festival.

About Seen Fifteen
The artistic programme at Seen Fifteen is dedicated to the work of contemporary photographers, with a specialist focus on photography’s “Expanded Field” and artists who push the boundaries of the medium.  Artists exhibited with Seen Fifteen include Maya Rochat, Laura El-Tantawy, Taisuke Koyama, Alexander Mourant, Megan Doherty, Martin Seeds and Ciaran Og Arnold. Originally from Ireland, Seen Fifteen’s founder Vivienne Gamble also supports the work of emerging Irish artists and has curated shows at Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery and Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris.  She holds an MA in History and Theory of Photography from Sotheby’s Institute of Art.  Vivienne is also Co-Founder of Peckham 24 – a festival of contemporary photography that takes place during Photo London week in May each year. The festival is a collaboration between Peckham-based artists and art spaces with the Fourth Edition of Peckham 24 taking place in May 2019.

The exhibition was made possible through the support of the National Cultural Fund of Hungary and the Association of Hungarian Photographers.

The exhibition is part of the official program of the Budapest Art Week | 2019. április 9-14.