Sándor Kecskeméti

Sandor Kecskeméti’s (1947) works derives its power from the clarity of his vision, a clarity based on his particular sensitivity to the materials he exploits. His best pieces are a synthesis of technical, formal, aesthetic and intellectual elements which goes beyond the sum total of these parts. Kecskeméti’s works are characterised by an architectonic approach with sculptural concepts and monumentality. He has exhibited widely throughout the world and been involved in numerous symposia, and festivals including International Ceramics Festival in Wales, UK, Gordola in Switzerland, Philadelphia USA, Iceland, Japan and Korea. His works are represented in numerous museums, galleries, public and private collections and in public places and buildings.

1967-72 Faculty of Ceramics, Academy of Applied Arts, Budapest

1986 Bavarian State Prize, Munich, Germany
1989 Munkácsy Prize
1989 Mention Du Jury Nyon, Switzerland
1997 Porcelain aus Salzbrand, Hamburg
1997 World Triennial Exhibition of Small Ceramics, Zagreb, Croatia
1998 5th National Biennial of Sculptural Drawings, Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest (Hungary), Janus Pannonius Museum, Pécs (Hungary), Modern Ceramics Collection, Istanbul (Turkey),
Museum of Applied Arts, Prague (Czech Republic), Ariana Museum, Geneva (Switzerland), International Ceramics Studio, Kecskemét (Hungary), Sammlung Tiemann, Hamburg (Germany), Nievergelt Sammlung, Zürich (Switzerland), Musee Ahuillé (France), Museum of Modern Art, Seoul (Korea), KIAD, Rochester (England), EKWC, s’Hertogenbosch, (Holland), Keramische Sammlung, Römhild (Germany)

Memberships 1982
Member of the International Academy of Ceramics (AIC), Geneva, Switzerland 1985 Professor and master teacher at the International Ceramic Studio (ICS) in Kecskemét 2006 Member of the Art Council of the ICS

Exhibitions 1967 TIT Kaposvár, Hungary 1977 Helikon Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 1978 Somogy Gallery, Kaposvár, Hungary 1980 Gallery in Tihany, Hungary 1980 Galerie Berlin, Germany 1980 Neue Dresdener Galerie, Dresden, Germany 1983 Iparterv Gallery, Budapest, Hungary 1983 Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, Ausztria 1987 Galerie Handwek, Munich, Germany 1987 University of Zagreb, Yugoslavia 1991 Gallery de Witte Voet, Amsterdam, Holland 1992 Janus Pannnonius Museum, Pécs, Hungary 1993 Galerie Gundremmingen, Germany 1995 KIAD Gallery, Rochester, Great Britain 1995 County Hall, Maidstone, Great Britain 1995 Museum Kecskemét, Hungary 1996 Galerie Böwig, Hannover, Germany 1996 Landes-Zentralbank, Augsburg, Germany 1998 Keramik Museum, Westerwald, Germany 1998 Stadtmuseum, Hüffingen, Germany 1998 Keramik Museum, Middelfart, Denmark 1999 Galerie am Brunnental, Lauingen, Germany1999 Rathaus Galerie, Gunderemmingen, Germany 1999 Ungarisches Kulturinstitut, Stuttgart, Germany 2000 Accademia d’Ungheria, Rome, Italy 2000 Suzuki Gallery, Kyoto, Japan 2002 Hommage á Chillida Museion, Kecskemét, Hungary 2003 Architekt Museum, Augsburg, Germany 2004 Suzuki Gallery, Kyoto, Japan 2004 Kade Gallery, Osaka, Japan 2005 Museo Kalakala, Tokyo, Japan 2006 Neon Galéria, Budapest, Hungary